The Cause

There are many ways to show compassion for animals. We should take satisfaction knowing that millions of people advocate for some form of kindness every day and it results in better lives for animals as a result. We see it in the person who rescues a dog from a shelter, the family who refuses to attend the circus, the neighbor who used to eat animals and now advocates for others to stop, and the friend who proudly tells us she bought a shampoo labeled “cruelty-free.” Thoughtful decisions come in all forms and they always matter.

At the same time, despite progress in many areas, the problems of cruelty remain on a massive and devastating scale. Although we may never end acts of brutality entirely, there remains significant opportunity to move the cause forward. Undercover videos that reveal the unanswered screams for mercy remind us of the urgency of now and should serve as motivation to act.

After significant contemplation about how to best propel the movement, I decided to organize a peaceful march to rattle the world’s conscience. People need to know that the treatment of animals is so unthinkable, pressing, and preventable that ordinary, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of all political persuasions, races, faiths, and professions are marching in the streets to stop it. Our fellow citizens can do so much better if we inform and inspire them to make changes to benefit animals, their health, and our planet. 

- Andrew Kirschner, Organizer
2013 Florida March Against Cruelty to Animals


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   Why March?

The 2013 Florida March Against Cruelty to Animals brought hundreds of Floridians together who care about animals, from Key West to Tallahassee and Tampa to Orlando, to march in the streets to raise awareness about the plight of animals in our society.  

The purpose of the marches is to ask people to learn about, think about, and stop supporting cruelty to animals in all forms. Interests represented will include people opposed to animal agriculture, zoos, circuses, hunting, rodeos, puppy mills, greyhound racing, animal testing, horse racing, seaquariums, and more in addition to those who use their voices to protect sea turtles, manatees, dolphins, pelicans, dogs, cats, birds, and other Florida wildlife.

Hopefully the success of the march and media coverage of it will inspire people to evolve and others to join the soon to be formed international, grassroots, non-profit organization, March Against Cruelty (MAC), to organize a march in their state or country and it will become a regular event throughout the world that will raise awareness and save lives.

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To volunteer for the March Against Cruelty and to help organize a march, please email your contact information and interest to Andrew Kirschner at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . You do not need to live in Florida to volunteer.

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The Animals Need You

The atrocities against animals deserve no less than all of us spilling into our streets to protest their senseless confinement, abuse, exploitation, and slaughter. We may not win every battle but let the history books reflect we never failed to try. This march is for the pig languishing in the slaughter plant, the abused dog wailing in pain, the manatees, dolphins, and whales held in captivity, the force-fed geese and ducks shuddering in factories, the injured pelicans, the horses forced to race, the monkey enduring unnecessary experiments, the elephant cowering from a circus trainer’s bullhook, the animals taken from their families and caged in a zoo, and the billions of other animals who rely on us as their only hope.

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Mission Statement

The march will unite people who work to help animals, calls on all people to join us in the fight against cruelty to animals, and aims to inspire others to show compassion for all animals.

The animals need your financial support. Holding a march requires police escorts, emergency medical services, insurance, printing, media outreach, recycling, and event location fees. Everyone who donates will be recognized on our Sponsors page. We believe in complete transparency; therefore, all expenditures for the March will be made public on our website.

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